Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surviving the streets of Boston and looking good

You never know what/who you'll run into on your dailey commute through the city. Often you find people that are asking for money...Now I am very unlikely to give into people on the street selling things or your occasional alcoholic bum. However today was a bit different.

This young woman stopped me while I was making my way to Sephoria, and just my luck she was selling this amazing cosmetics survival kit by Victoria Jackson. Now I had no idea who Victoria Jackson was, but apparently she's kind of a big deal Hollywood make-up artist. It wasn't whose make up she’s done, or who she is that got me to spend 20$ on this Survival Kit it was the product itself..it's awesome. In one little convenient container you've got everything you need to do your makeup..minus foundation; 10 eye shadow shades, 5 lip glosses, mascara, 2 shades of blush, a brush, lip liner, eye liner and a mirror...it's crazy that all this stuff fits in one.

Anyway Victoria Jackson's new Survival Kit is something that all "on the go" women who wear makeup should have because it's so convenient and way easier to store than a bulky makeup bag.

Apparently it's not in stores yet, but when it is I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Battle of the Sexes - Slam from Men

I wouldn't be in a fight for equality if I didn't show the response from the guys..so check it out.

Battle of the Sexes - Slam from Women

This video just shows a little insight on the bullshit women have to deal with.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey Ma- What's Up?

No I am not your mother! In fact I'm not anyone's mother so please don't refer to me as one. "Hey ma"--does that line actually work? Do women/girls/females respond to that? Because I certainly don't.

It's ridiculous what males think is acceptable to say to women on the street; shortie (side note-I'm 5'8" which is kinda tall, and guys who are shorter than me have called me that--I don't understand it), hottie, sexy, baby, mamma, etc. and those are just a few of the PG names I thought of as I was writing this.

How about "excuse me miss..." That might work. Actually being polite, respectful and sounding interested in something else beside my ass.

1955 Good Housekeeping article--haha

A friend emailed me this article..thought I should post it just for fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chivalry isn'T dead

I was fabulously surprised this past week with the two random acts of chivalry that I encountered during my daily commute on the T.

The first and the best was a young guy, around my age...your average college 20 something male (oh did I mention he was quite attractive…in fact he was the definition of the word "fine")...anyway of course the T was packed, the red sox probably just got out or something…yes this means I'm standing up juggling my Charlie ticket, ipod and cell while grasping on for dear life to that silver handle thingy. About eye level with my vagina was the guy (who was sitting). And no he didn’t offer up his seat but still he was kind. So we were somewhere around Pleasant St. on the B line when this ridiculous virgin T rider stumbles into me and nearly takes me down. Might I add that I'm not a tiny girl, a thick woman if you will, so to make me loose my footing is no easy task. Anyway, a look of fear rushes over my face as this big guy falls onto me, I am taken off guard by the strong, kind, hand that grabs onto my arm...it was that fiiinnne looking young gentleman I had noticed earlier...He saved me from udder embarrassment...because if it wasn’t for him my ass would have been on the ground...and he did it in such a calm matter that it didn’t even interrupt the convo he was having on his cell. I looked into his eyes and mouthed the words "thank you"..I'm pretty sure he knew how grateful I was.

Then the next morning I encountered another act of chivalry although this one was less remarkable. Usually people are racing past one another to secure themselves a place on the T..well not this morning in August. A guy actually backed off and although I told him he was there first to step up ahead of me...he refused and insisted on me entering the T before him...it was lovely and made my day just that much brighter.

So in conclusion, chivalry is not dead, it just isn't thriving. However I thank those out there who are kind to a woman..not because she is of the opposite sex, or thought of as weaker...but simply because it is the nice thing to do. Thank you.