Thursday, March 20, 2008

Learning to fly, but I ain't got wings...

My dedication to feminism has not really shown threw in the last several months as it once did when I began this blog...Does this make me less of a feminist? Of course not, however other parts of my life have taken over my intent to blog as I use to. Why? on might ask? I would have to say that it has occurred because I'm a bit stress in trying to complete my senior year at school.

The whole graduating process is absurd, of course one must take on their normal routine; going to classes, working, studding, homework, and socializing ( to keep one's sanity). Not to mention since it's your senior the assignments you are taking on are more difficult, and if you're a college like mine, you're also interning. (which is a positive experience).

Then on top of the normal aspects of life that you've been dealing with for the past four years you must;

-find a job
-find a place to live
-figure out your life
all on less sleep then you're use to. ahhhhhh Because there is not enough time to sleep and that's what I choose to give up. Perhaps not the wises choice but the best one that fits my life.

Anyway, sorry I needed to vent a bit. Less than two month to go and hopefully I'll be blogging again full time.

And don't worry my Vs are still up.